Sára Bertók is going to Germany

My name is Sára Bertók. I am 25 years old and I study at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College (DGBC), majoring in Tibetan Language and Culture.Image

My root master inspired me to study Tibetan when he told me to read religious texts that had not been translated into European languages.

The reason I chose this Collage is that the deep understanding of the Dharma and the scientific fastidiousness meet here.I believe we need both of them if we want to do a perfect translation of the religious texts, which is useful for practicioners and researchers as well.

I am glad that I can spread the news of this new Master of Arts Program of the European Buddhist Training Center (EBTC), which is the cooperative effort between the famous Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand (MCU) and Dharma Gate Buddhist College (DGBC).

Géza Rába on the road!

Hi, my name is Geza Raba. I’m a Natural Healing Therapist, and I study at The Dharma Gate Budhhist College (DGBC) in Budapest, Hungary.

Geza RabaI started to learn at the DGBC, because I was very interested in the buddhist philosphy and practice, and I wanted to know better the operating of the mind, because I thought, that the mind is responsible for everything, what is happening for us. I believe in it even more today.

I gladly accepted the invitation to be the messenger of The European Buddhist Training Center (EBTC), which is a cooperative effort between the Dharma Gate Buddhist College of Hungary and Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) of Thailand.

I am determined to help the new Master of Arts Program of a Buddhist Studies at the DGBC to be extensively known and succesful.

András Krausz and the EBTC tour

My name is András Krausz, I am 24 years old. I study in the Dharma Gate Buddhist College in Budapest, Hungary. Before I came here I studied pottery art in high school, then I decided, that the buddhism is what interests me.

András Krausz

Since then I was studiing Kung-Fu, wich I really enjoyed, and that was wich brought me closer to the eastern way of thinking and philosophy.

I also studeied about Chi-kung (also called: „Qi-Gong”), Thai-chi (or Taiji) as well in the same place. I was never really interested in competing, so I only went as many championships as it was necessary.

When I started studiing in the Buddhis College i felt already on the first day that meditating is good, it is helping to build up a strong consciousness and self-knowledge, and this is what I want to do. It not just helped me make my life more focused, mindful and succesful, but in the meantime it helped me become happier as well.

I have devoted myself for the school and studiing since than, putting this as the main priority in my life. I felt such gratitude for the facility and all the people in it, that I became the President of Student Government from 2012 to 2013. I also acquired the republican scholarship in 2013; in the same year I produced the highest grade in the whole college.

In addition to the meditation courses in the college, I visited several other Buddhist communities to practice with, and I went to about half dozen retirements. I do study Sanskrit language since the third semester of the school.

This year I shall finish the bachelor’s degree, and graduate. My degree works main question is about ātman, (or about any kind of soul in the Buddhism). How it can be perceived, what is it like?

After my graduation, I am planning to take a half year retirement in India or Sri Lanka.

I am very interested about the EBTC program, because I see this as a vast opportunity for all the European people who are interested in Buddhism, or practice in any school of thought, to acquire a comprehensive knowledge about the wide world of Buddhism, and it does includes a 30 day long retirement, which can take place even in Thailand, in a traditional Buddhist, Theravādin monastery. One can not return from such, not learning something about herself, or even without getting better with her own self.

I am happy and proud, for I have been asked, to tell about this great opportunity to the interested people of London.

The Gate of the Dharma